Kickball League of Baltimore


Kickball Starts March 21st & 22nd
Leagues in Canton & Federal Hill
Wednesday and Thursday Divisions
Multiple Levels of Play - JV or Social A & B
Registration Deadline is March 11th

  • Seven Game Season Plus Playoffs!
  • Color Logo Kickball Shirts
  • League Paid Trained Umpires
  • Knowledgeble and Friendly Field Staff
  • Quality Lined Fields
  • Bar Tab Contest with Weekly Prizes
  • Flip Cup After Games With Prizes!
  • Questions:


If you are new to town or your friends don't realize how fun kickball is you can still join. We always have teams that need players and enjoy meeting new friends! Sometimes we will combine all the free agents into one team. Join up and we will send you your team info a few days before the season begins!

Individual Registration

Small Groups

If you have less than half a team you can join as a small group and we will combine you with other groups and individuals or teams. If you have roughly half a team and prefer to be in charge of the team, you can register as a team and we will add groups or individuals to your team! Just get registered and we will get your group playing together on the same team!
group registration


Teams have a minimum of 15 players with at least 4 females (teams average 7). Many teams have more than 15 players since not everyone can play every week. You can register with fewer players and we will add small groups or free agents to your team. Its a simple process. Get registered!

get registered